aka Nicole Moio.

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in мy owɴ dreαм pαrαdιѕe wιтн αll тнe celeвrιтιeѕ тнαт нαve lιттle clυe oғ мy eхѕιѕтαɴce.
  • My occupation is ѕтαуιηg αωαу ƒяσм тнє ραтн σƒ єєєєνιℓℓℓ.
  • I am мαяяıε∂ тσ ʟυκε вяσσκƨ ғяσм тнε נαпσƨκıαпƨ.
  • AshtonMoioLover

    Crushing my nose time #1

    Crushing my nose time #2

    Busting my lip open

    Shattering my nose on vacay. :P

    Popping my leg out of place in gym class

    Knocking my toe out of place tripping over a wire frog while playing hide and seek

    Bunring my hand trying to light a birthday candle

    Slicing my nail open trying to open a soda can

    Chipping my nails off doing things

    Being hit with bumper cars and go-karts, brusing my back

    Scraping my hand on a go-kart handle

    Annomous blood stains... :P

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