Blood on the Dance Floor is an American electronic band created by Dahvie Vanity. The current lineup is Dahvie Vanity and Jayy von Monroe. The group is known for extensive touring and being the "fan's band". Their large fan base is known as the Slash Gash Terror Crew or the SGTC. The duo is known for their live shows and for meeting all of their fans. The band is one of the largest underground bands on Myspace that is unsigned. The band have released four albums, three EP's, one compilation album, and are currently working on a fifth album titled "(R)evolution".

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[edit]Let's Start a Riot (2007-2008)Edit

[1]Dahvie Vanity in 2007

Dahvie Vanity formed Blood on the Dance Floor in early 2007. Vanity stated in an interview that the name didn't come from the Michael Jackson song but from what he wanted to represent with his music. Vanity started recording the first album in late 2007. "Let's Start a Riot" was released on January 1, 2008. No singles were released off of the album. Vanity did not get much exposure but the fan base started to grow. The songs are rarely played at live shows due to their commercial failure. In the present, this album is considered genius and physical copies are very rare. In this period of time, Vanity took on the name "the fan's band" because he tried to do whatever the fans asked for.

[edit]It's Hard to Be a Diamond In a Rhinestone World and Radio Edit - EP (2008)Edit

Following "Let's Start A Riot" instead of touring, BOTDF released their second album "It's So Hard To Be A Diamond In A Rhinestone Wolrd". Chris Mongillo and Rebecca Fugate left the band due to not being able to "heavily" tour. Vanity started touring the Florida area to promote "Let's Start a Riot and It's So Hard To Be A Diamond In A Rhinestone Wolrd". During the short tour, Vanity met Garrett Ecstasy. The two clicked and Ecstasy joined the band as the s called "Radio Edit - EP".

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[2]Blood on the Dance Floor in 2008

[edit]I Scream I Scream - EP, Omfg Sneak Peak! - EP, and Extended Play - EP (2009)Edit

While touring Florida some more, Vanity and Ecstasy started recording for a third full length. On March 9, 2009 BOTDF released their second EP, "I Scream I Scream - EP". Vanity announced that the only song from the EP that would make the third album would be "Scream for My Ice Cream". The other four songs would be released as bonus tracks on the deluxe version of "It"s Hard to Be a Diamond In a Rhinestone World". All of the songs were released as singles, besides "Up All Night" and "Scream for My Icecream". Recording continued for the full length. "Omfg Sneak Peak! - EP" was released on June 14, 2009. No singles were released off of this EP. A third EP was recorded, called "Extended Play - EP", featuring the soon to be single, "Crunk Man" and a cover of "Beat It" by Michael Jackson. BOTDF soon announced they would not be releasing any music until 2010. The two toured and recorded for the rest of 2009.

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[edit]Lineup Change (2009)Edit

On September 18, 2009, Vanity was arrested after a show in Denver, Colorado. A girl had told police that Vanity had raped her. After the girl refused to take any tests, Vanity was released from jail.Vanity himself said the 17 year old girl performed oral sex on him and retaliated with the rape card after he ignored her at a show.It is legal for a 17 year old to be sexually active. Vanity and Ecstasy had a fallout where Ecstasy believed that Vanity was having sex with underage girls. Ecstasy was kicked out of the band and two new members were found. Matty M was the new rapper and Jayy von Monroe was the new screamer. The trio released their first single together, "Horrifically Delicious". Vanity soon discovered that Monroe could rap better than Matty, so Matty was let go. The duo soon went on the Crunk Kids tour.


[3]Blood on the Dance Floor with Matty M

[edit]Epic (2009-2010)Edit

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[4]Blood on the Dance Floor in 2010

Recording continued for the third full length and "Success is the Best Revenge" was released as a single. The song allegedly deals with Ecstasy leaving the band. BOTDF started promoting the album, now known as "Epic" by releasing singles once a month. "Sexting", "Crunk Man", "Designed To Kill", "Sexting" Remix (featuring Jeffree Star), "Inject Me Sweetly" (featuring Jeffree Star), "Candyland", "I'm What Dreams are Made Of", "Lose Control", "You Done Goofed", "Party On", and "Death to Your Heart" were all released as singles in promotion for the album. Vanity had met up with Jeffree Star at one of Star's shows. Star liked Blood on the Dance Floor's music so they started to collaborate. The group toured extensively on the 2DRUNK2FUCK tour,and the Looking Hot Dangerous tour. A live album and DVD were filmed on the two Epic tours and will be released in 2011. During the Looking Hot Dangerous tour, Vanity dissed star on stage. Star soon tweeted that Vanity had been raping underage girls the whole tour. Vanity went on Stickam and told his fans that the whole thing was a lie. Many of the Slash Gash Terror Crew left because they were bigger fans of Star. The remaining fans were considered the Slash Gash Terror Crew Elites. On October 5, 2010 "Epic" was released The song "Inject Me Sweetly" was re-recorded without Star, the "Sexting" remix was disregarded, and "D.U.I." was also re-recorded. Music videos were shot for the single, "Death to Your Heart" and the song, "Believe".

[edit]All The Rage (2010-2011)Edit

Blood On The Dance Floor's newest album; "All The Rage", is described as a more deep and personal album of theirs. “We didn’t want to make another record. We wanted to make a personal record for our fans, ‘All The Rage’ isn’t about fashion. When we use the word rage, it’s all about emotion and becoming the change you want to see in yourself and the world. ‘Epic’ was an introduction to Blood On The Dance Floor. ‘All The Rage’ is a much more fulfilled, more personal record. It’s 13 different songs, 13 different “rages” that make up me and Jayy and what drives us,” Dahvie Vanity said as an explanation for the new words and sounds. The album was released to FYE and Hot Topic stores July 14, 2011. A music video for "Bewitched" has been released.

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[edit](R)evolution (2011-present)Edit

A new album is in the works to be released on Valentine's Day 2012, titled "r/EVOLUTION". Two singles have been announced: "La Petite Morte" and "Is Anyone Down".

"La Petite Morte" has already been played live on the All the Rage tour. The studio version was released in October 31, 2011. "Is Anyone Down (Revenge Porn) was released in January 1, 2012. Singles from the album are rumored to appear within the next few weeks as well as an extended version of "Well, Suck Me!"

On November 26th, 2011 Jayy Von Monroe stated on his Twitter that the released date for the upcoming album "(R)evolution" will be pushed to mid 2012.

On December 2011, Dahvie announced on Facebook that James Egbert remixed some tracks from Epic. The complimantation album is to be released in early 2012.


[edit]Studio AlbumsEdit

Cover Title Released Date Label
[5] Let's Start a Riot January 1, 2008 Self-released
[6] It's Hard to Be a Diamond In a Rhinestone World September 12, 2008 Self-released
[7] Epic October 5, 2010 Candyland Records
[8] All The Rage June 14, 2011 Candyland Records
[9] (R)evolution June 19, 2012 Dark Fantasy Records


Cover Title Released Date Label
[10] I Scream! I Scream! March 9, 2009 Self-released
[11] Omfg Sneak Peak! June 14, 2009 Self-released
[12] Extended Play July 1, 2009 Self-released


Cover Title Released Date Label
[13] Radio Edit December 25, 2008 Self-released
Lest We Forget The Best Of BOTDF 2010 Candyland Records
The Legend Of BOTDF TBD Candyland Records
[14] Epic: Remixes January 31, 2012 Dark Fantasy Records / Fuzion Muzik


Cover Title Released Date Album Label
[15] Save the Rave July 4, 2008 It's Hard to Be a Diamond In a Rhinestone World Self-released
[16] Suicide Club December 1, 2008 I Scream! I Scream! Self-released
[17] Siq With a Q December 24, 2008 I Scream! I Scream! Self-released
[18] Miss Bipolar (Love Fight) January 24, 2009 I Scream! I Scream! Self-released
[19] Designed To Kill August 26, 2009 Not featured on an album Self-released
[20] Horrifically Delicious October 4, 2009 Not featured on an album Self-released
[21] Success Is the Best Revenge November 5, 2009 Epic Self-released
[22] Sexting December 16, 2009 Epic Self-released
[23] Crunk Man December 30, 2009 Extended Play Self-released
[24] Designed To Kill January 14, 2010 Epic Self-released
[25] Sexting [Remix] (Featuring Jeffree Star) January 17, 2010 Not featured on an album Self-released
[26] Inject Me Sweetly (Featuring Jeffree Star) February 16, 2010 Not featured on an album Self-released
[27] Candyland March 30, 2010 Epic Self-released
[28] I'm What Dreams Are Made Of May 15, 2010 Epic Candyland Records
[29] Lose Control June 1, 2010 Epic Candyland Records
[30] You Done Goofed July 22, 2010 Epic Candyland Records
[31] Party On July 28, 2010 Epic Candyland Records
[32] Death to Your Heart September 7, 2010 Epic Candyland Records
[33] My Gift & My Curse September 9, 2010 All The Rage Candyland Records
[34] The Loving Dead December 14, 2010 All The Rage Candyland Records
[35] Yo, Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) December 25, 2010 All The Rage Candyland Records
[36] Happy Violentines Day February 14, 2011 All The Rage Candyland Records
[37] P.L.U.R. April 15, 2011 All The Rage Candyland Records
[38] Sexting (Rusty Lixx Remix)(Feat. Rusty "Lixx" Wilmot) May 4, 2011 (Not Featured On An Album) Soldier Soul Records
[39] G.F.A. (feat. Jj Demon, Nick Nasty, & Lady Nogrady) May 13, 2011 All The Rage Candyland Records
[40] Bewitched (feat. Lady Nogrady) June 1, 2011 All The Rage Candyland Records
[41] La Petite Morte October 31, 2011 (R)evolution Candyland Records
[42] Revenge Porn! January 1, 2012 (R)evolution Dark Fantasy Records
[43] The Right To Love February 14, 2012 (R)evolution Dark Fantasy Records
[44] Unforgiven! March 13, 2012 (R)evolution Dark Fantasy Records

[edit]Music VideosEdit

Screen Cap Title Released Date Album Director
[45] Death To Your Heart! October 5, 2010 Epic! Robby Starbuck
[46] Believe October 10, 2012 Epic! Robby Starbuck
[47] Bewitched!

June 2, 2011

All The Rage!

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