Hunger Games

I stood on my plate and looked around. Me and my crush, Phoebe, against 22 other random people we dont even know! I could see Phoebe. She doesnt exactly like me in the way I like her. Her beautiful blonde hair was flowing in the sun. Though I would have preferred a red head, I still loved her. Then I looked at my bag of bows and arrows and throwing knives. It seemed the boy from 3 and the girl from 7 also had their eyes on my weapons. 5,4,3,2,1,....Edit

We all ran from our plates and into the Cornucopia. As soon as I started running, I was tackled by the girl from 5. Tanya. She had already snatched her bag and was now preparing to slice and dice me into a nice, bloody piece of pie. Then I saw a blur knock Tanya off of me. I saw it was the girl from D9, Kaitlin. She was very pretty as well, yet not a red head. She quickly ran away and out of the Cornucopia and safely into the forest. I knew Tanya was not dead. I decided to head for my bag as fast as possible. I ran to it only to be beaten by the female from 7. She wrestled with me and I got an idea. I faked a cough in her face and when she was distracted, I shoved her away. I snatched the bag and saw the boy from 3. I unzipped my pack and lifted out a throwing knife. I immediately flung it and it pierced his neck. He flopped to the ground, dead. I heard a scream. I whirled around and saw the girl from 6 being rearranged and disassembled by the female from 7. I saw her axe on the grass. I ran over and lifted the axe off the ground. She did nit notice because she was way too busy cutting up the D6 girl. Damn, was it heavy. I saw Phoebe! Phoebe took a sword from the bloodbath and I could barely cath a glimpse of her slit the D10 boy's neck. I grabbed her arm and raced her out of the blood pool. That was when Phoebe was tackled by a rather strong force. It was Ava from D4! I at once aimed an arrow. I fired it right at Ava's forehead. That night, I saw all the dead tributes. Both from 3, the girl from 4, the boy from 5, both from 6, the girl from 7, the boy from 9, the boy from 10,and the girl from 12.Edit

Chapter two is soon....Edit


Her Bow