Fuck life!! Its nothin but a fuckin game! I try to pass the levels but the game is to hard,so i give up and never try again!!Edit

I wanna draw you a picture...But ill be useing a blad....And heres the twist ill be drawing it on my wrists!!Edit

No body likes me....No body cares....If i would die would you even cry?.....?......?Edit

I hate life....And it hates me....Thats why we shoud brake up ......Edit

I hate you, You hate me,Where a tarible family,With a grate big punch,And a little kick for you,I will not go chu chu chu.......Edit

My StoryEdit

Ever since i was a little boy my parents where never home.They where allways at work and i never got to see them.So the house keeper was the only one there fo me since i was 5.At age 8 i smoked my first joint and drunk my first acholick bevarge.By age 12 i was hucked on it and that year i lost my virginty i was also bullyed to the max my some kid that i wound up hurting badly becouse i toke boxing lessons.13(Now) im a varey fucked up person,drinks alote of achole,smokes alote of weed,and has sex(once in a while)and im alos in a gand and ever week i get jumped my otter gangs but my friends mind up saveing me at the last second,but the last time i was jumped they didnt come in time and they boke a couple ribs and it also turns out im Bi but ive none that fo a couple years now,any way im Bi and i know a couple guys i like,also ive started cutting every once in a while but im not doing it as much now.May 9 2012 i tryed to kill my self...cuz of all the drama in my life....but it dint work...........
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My Girl Friend


Me In My Favorite Mask



This Is My Arm.......Yes I Am Scene......Thats Emo And Goth Mix

Red Goth

People Say I Look Like Him